~ Auto Buzz ~: Viber App Gets New Design, Faster Message Sending & More

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Viber App Gets New Design, Faster Message Sending & More

Viber has decided to release a rather huge update for its app on both Android and iOS. This new update basically redesigns the app, there are quite a few changes included, though do keep in mind that it is currently rolling out to iOS only, Android users will start getting this update soon, says Viber. Now, the first change worth noting is support for end-to-end encryption, which is a feature that a number of competing apps support, and something that will probably be appreciated by users, as security should always be the first priority for app developers.

Now, as far as other changes are concerned, Viber listed ‘Faster messages than ever before’, and the company claims that messages can now be delivered twice as far as before, which is a huge improvement, and it’s definitely a welcomed edition. On top of that, ‘Quicker message status icons’ are also listed in the changelog, in other words, Viber introduced new icons for message delivery statuses to reflect faster message sending time. New Viber will use ‘✓’ in order to reflect a status of sent messages, similar to WhatsApp, actually. Next change that Viber listed is ‘Bigger & brighter chat bubbles’, as the company decided to brighten up its chat color scheme, and enlarge chat bubbles, so that it’s more eye-pleasing, basically… at least that was the company’s goal.

The last change that the company listed is ‘A sharper GIF, photo and video experience’. This essentially means that you will see GIFs, images, and videos in higher quality thumbnails in your chat screen, says Viber. Along with this announcement, Viber has also released a bunch of images, and a YouTube video in order to promote its “fresh new look”. You can check out those images in the gallery down below, while a video has been embedded as well. Once again, this update is still not available for Android devices, but it will be soon.

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