~ Auto Buzz ~: ZTE Announces & Demos 5G Device Solutions – IFA 2018

Thursday, 30 August 2018

ZTE Announces & Demos 5G Device Solutions – IFA 2018

ZTE has just released some 5G-related new as part of IFA 2018. The company has said that it is committed to bringing to the table 5G solutions for devices, and that its “5G Device Solutions” are under development, and that they will be launched as leading carrier around the world provide 5G services to consumers in the future. The company has also said that it expects to introduce 5G mobile devices in the second half of 2019.

The company also added that those of you who are in Berlin, and are planning to visit IFA, should come by ZTE’s boost and check out its 5G technology, as the company is obviously talking about 5G and demoing the technology in Berlin. ZTE says that it has been working on 5G technology for years, and that its 5G Device Solutions are based on four core technologies. First, ZTE listed its antenna-integrated solution, as that is one of its core technologies. The number of antennas on 5G devices will increase significantly compared to 4G, says ZTE, and the company will use different schemes to arrange multiple antennas in devices. The company will also take advantage of intelligent tuning and beamforming techniques in order to improve the performance of antennas in different bands.

The second solution has to do with hardware architecture required for 5G. ZTE says that it will integrate the new architecture with optimized harmonic and intermodulation solution into its devices. As the third solution, ZTE said that it will implement an intelligent algorithm that automatically optimizes the mobile phone’s power consumption in various usage scenarios. On top of that, it will improve heat dissipation by optimizing the structure design by using different heat dissipation materials, and real-time temperature monitoring. On top of everything, the design has also been listed, as the company is aiming to improve stack density, and so on. 5G technology is peeking its head as we speak, though we’ll probably have to wait for the second half of next year for things to really start moving properly, and for us to see the very first devices utilizing 5G technology.

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