~ Auto Buzz ~: ARRAY Launches Its First Connected Door Lock

Thursday, 13 September 2018

ARRAY Launches Its First Connected Door Lock

In short: ARRAY by Hampton is announcing its first connected door lock today, which will be available on its website as well as at Ace Hardware. This smart lock from ARRAY is exactly what customers want, at least according to the company. It does not require a hub or any additional batteries to purchase. It includes an easy-to-use app as well as e-keys and e-codes that can be created pretty easily to give users access to your home. This door lock has a hub built-in, for connecting to the app, and includes two rechargeable batteries, which are also replaceable. By offering two of these batteries, users are able to charge one, while the other is being used, and vice versa. As is usually the case here, the app for this Connected Door Lock works with both Android and iOS. Additionally, this door lock has a keypad that you can use to gain entry, if you do forget your phone at home.

Background: Smart door locks are starting to really pick up steam as of late. And this is because many people like the idea of no longer having to pull out their keys to unlock their front door. Instead, they are able to simply open the door when they get home, thanks to location-aware alerts which can unlock the door once you get within a certain distance of your home. It also means that users are putting their trust into these smart locks, and hoping they don’t malfunction and unlock when others come to the door and don’t have a key.

The impact: This smart lock from ARRAY by Hampton is actually a pretty big deal. It looks great, and it is also being made available at Ace Hardware, which is the nation’s largest corporate hardware store. And with it being available both in-store and online, it’s going to make this Connected Door Lock more accessible for customers to purchase.

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