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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

LG GizmoWatch Coming To Verizon, Trademark Suggests

A new trademark filed by Verizon with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seems to suggest that a new member of LG’s Gizmo-branded wearable family is headed to the carrier at some point within the next several months. More directly, the new trademark covers the word ‘GIZMOWATCH’ and fits neatly into the smartwatch and GPS telecommunications device categories. That fits in well with the naming conventions used with the original ‘Gizmo,’ first launched back in 2014 and followed by the GizmoGadget and GizmoPal 2 in 2015. Those were effectively smartwatches for kids with mobile connectivity, call-enabled, and GPS tracking and geo-fencing features which were sold exclusively for Verizon’s network. Each of those is also included in the trademark listing, referenced as related US registrations owned by the telecommunications company. Specifically, those claimed registrations are for numbers 4770407, 5291568, and 5296944, which cover the GizmoGadget, GizmoPal, and the associated mobile app GizmoHub.

All of that seems to suggest that Verizon will be getting a brand new LG children’s wearable to be marketed as the GizmoWatch – if prior naming conventions are followed. With that said, there aren’t really any details with regard to specifications and no documentation to speak of for the time being. In fact, the trademark is still pending review and that’s not expected to be finalized until at least three months its acceptance. That is marked as September 6 in the filing, so it likely won’t be reviewed and made official until at least December. Bearing that in mind, components and manufacturing processes have improved overall since the original GizmoGadget released. So pricing should remain similar if and when the company does unveil its GizmoWatch. That was and still is listed as being sold by the company online for around $50 with a two-year contract for service, although not widely available.

The GizmoGadget featured a 1.3-inch color touchscreen, storage for up to 10 preset phone numbers, preset message sending, calls, GPS tracking, and other features that might be useful to a concerned parent. While it’s not possible to discern whether or not the new name is just meant to differentiate the GizmoWatch from previous devices, the implication could be that it will be much more functional. It may even be very similar to other smartwatches on the market and it wouldn’t be too surprising to find that it’s built around Android via Wear OS like LG’s other offerings in the space. Although that isn’t necessarily going to be the case, it would still allow users from either major mobile OS to connect and take advantage of features while adding advantages in terms of features.

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