~ Auto Buzz ~: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Codenamed “Da Vinci”, Tipster Says

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Codenamed “Da Vinci”, Tipster Says

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is nowhere close to being announced, and yet a Twitter tipster, Ice Universe, decided to reveal its codename. According to the tipster, the Galaxy Note 10 is codenamed ‘Da Vinci’ internally, and that is more or less all the info that the source shared. The Galaxy Note 9 launched last month, and its successor will probably arrive in August 2019, which means its release is still 11 months away at this point, so take this info with a grain of salt, as per usual.

The Galaxy Note 10 is a complete mystery at this point, but we should be able to tell what to expect once the Galaxy S10 series arrives in the first quarter of next year. It remains to be seen if Samsung plans to change up its design language with the Galaxy S10 series, and the Galaxy Note 10, or will those phones resemble the Galaxy S8, S9, Note 8, and Note 9, which is a possibility. Samsung usually changes up things after two years of pushing similar designs, and by that logic, the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 should present some sort of a refresh, even though recent rumors suggest that the Galaxy S10 will be really similar to the Galaxy S9 in terms of the design, and that Samsung is not preparing anything ground-breaking… though there’s still plenty of time until the phone arrives, so who knows how accurate those rumors are.

The Galaxy Note 10 will, almost certainly, sport an ever thinner set of bezels than the Galaxy Note 9, and it will be fueled by the next-gen flagship processors from Qualcomm and Samsung, the rumored Snapdragon 855, and we still do not know what Samsung’s Exynos SoC will be called. The phone will probably include an in-display fingerprint scanner, and it will sport an all-new S Pen stylus, though it remains to be seen if it will still be notch-less, or will Samsung succumb to the trend these days. On the flip side, notches may not be a thing next year, so… who knows.

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