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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Silver Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leaks, Said To Be Coming To The US

In short: New images have surfaced of what seems to be a silver-colored Samsung Galaxy Note 9. These images have arrived with the suggestion this color option will hit the market soon and one of the countries the new silver Galaxy Note 9 will be available in is the US. Although no firm details have been provided on when exactly this color option will become available, or if there are any caveats attached to purchasing.

Background: By all accounts, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is an extremely new device as it has only gone on sale within the last few weeks. When it was first announced, the company confirmed the new S Pen-equipped smartphone would be available in a choice of four different colors, although not all announced color options would be available in all regions. For example, while the Galaxy Note 9 is available in Lavender Purple, Metallic Copper, Midnight Black, and Ocean Blue, only the Lavender Purple and Ocean Blue color options are currently available in the US. This latest leak suggests that is about to change with the silver model set to become another option for US consumers to consider.

Impact: Although it’s not unusual for Samsung to release additional color variants of existing smartphones, the company has been under pressure to ensure greater sales of the Galaxy Note 9 following what was considered a less-than-stellar Galaxy S9 sales period. Therefore, it could be the case Samsung hopes to garner more interest from new buyers through the introduction of more color options, such as this silver model. Especially if it does arrive as a limited edition type of device. Which could very well be the case as not only is this a silver Galaxy Note 9, but closer inspection of the image highlights a contrasting light blue colored framing is in effect. At present, there are no details on whether the silver Galaxy Note 9 will also become available in markets outside of the US, and in spite of the color change, there are currently no indications to suggest anything else will be different with the silver model compared to the already available Galaxy Note 9 color options.

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