~ Auto Buzz ~: Skype’s SMS Connect Feature Enters Testing Phase On Android

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Skype’s SMS Connect Feature Enters Testing Phase On Android

Microsoft has started testing a rather interesting feature for Skype, which actually relates to Android users as well. This feature is called ‘SMS Connect’, and it will basically allow you to check out your SMS messages on your PC. The company has started testing this features via Skype Insiders program, and this feature has rolled out to Skype Insiders via Skype build

This feature will roll out to everyone as soon as it goes through the company’s testing phase, and based on previous tests by Skype Insiders, we’ll probably see it integrated into a stable Android version soon. Now, this feature basically allows you to pair your phone with your PC or Mac in order to access SMS messages on your desktop computer. Via this feature, you can now only read your SMS messages on desktops, but also respond to them. Now, to be more specific, using this feature, you can read & respond to 1:1 and group SMS conversations, receive MMS content (both photos and videos), and also start new conversations, so basically everything you can on your phone.

Now, if you’re up for testing this new feature, you’ll need to navigate to tap on your profile picture in Skype for Android, then navigate to Settings -> Messaging -> SMS, and from there, you will be able to enable ‘SMS Connect’. When you do that, step-by-step instructions will appear, and will guide you through the pairing process. Do note that this feature is not stable at this point, as mentioned, so you may encounter issues with it, even though not many, as the feature is in beta at the moment. If you do not have the Skype app on your phone just yet, a link down below will navigate you to its listing in the Google Play Store, so that you can download and install it.

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