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Thursday, 13 September 2018

Spotselfie Is A New Social Media Application With AR Twist

Spotselfie is a new social media application that targets college students. In its press release, the company says that college students are looking for a more traditional social media experience than other companies on the market are offering (apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat). The company says that students want “live, in-person interaction with new friends and classmates”, and that its application can deliver just that.

Flying Eye Reality, a company behind Spotselfie, says that its app is targeted for each campus, and that it addresses specific college student bodies for each university, specifically. Interestingly enough, Spotselfie actually comes with patent-pending augmented reality (AR) technology for social interactions. In case you’re wondering how AR works in a social media app like this, well, students are able to share GPS-located pictures and videos, and other students can view that content in AR as they walk through the campus. Another feature of this app is called ‘My Color Code’, now, thanks to this feature, students will be asked to answer 16 questions based on their personality, social and physical traits, and activities. After they do that, they’ll be able to be matched with students who have similar results.

You will be required to set a profile picture on Spotselfie, and that picture will follow you around all the time, you will be visible to your colleagues on Spotselfie, and they will be able to click on your profile picture for more info… this feature is called ‘Billboard’. With Spotselfie, you can create public or private groups which you can be an admin of, just in case you’d like to stay in contact with some people and have an online plate to hang out. Spotselfie’s ‘Buzz Feed’ will allow you to check out a scrollable list of campus-life postings, while this app has a number of additional features / options that you can check out. Spotselfie is a brand new application, and if you’d like to check it out, follow the link down below.

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