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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Top 10 Best Smart Home Devices Under $100 – September 2018

Converting your home into a “smart” home can be pretty expensive, as some of these appliances can be several hundred dollars or more. But you don’t need to start with the big stuff, or even pay that much to get started. You can start and work your way up to the $300 smart thermostats out there. There are plenty of great smart home products that are under $100, and definitely worth picking up. We have gone through and found the ten best products under $100, and these are all listed below. They include smart bulbs, smart plugs, thermostats and much more.

One of our favorite products that is listed below is BOND. This essentially works as a hub for your home and will control your ceiling fans in your home. It’s simple to setup as well, just point the remote control for your ceiling fan at the base, and it’ll sync with it. Afterwards, you can control the fan with the app, or use your voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. And on top of that, this will work for multiple ceiling fans. So if you have more than one, BOND can control them all.

Another favorite is the LIFX Z. This is a smart LED strip that can be used to add accent lighting around your home. Though, one of the more popular ways to use this strip is by putting it behind your monitor or your TV. This adds lighting behind the display, making it easier to use these displays in the dark. It also adds a pretty cool effect. All of the items that are listed on the list below are compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant, so you can use your voice to control them, as well as the app that comes with them – and are available on both Android and iOS.

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